Classical bass bows

Vanhal bow

Vanhal bow – classical bow, beech wood, lenght 73cm, playining hair 53,5 cm, wieght 146gr.


Sperger bow – faithful copy of the original bow J.M.Sperger

Sperger bow – cherry bow, frog and button pear wood, lenght 73cm, weight 125 gr


Village bow – baroque village bow

Baroque village bow Central European region ( South Moravia, North Austria, Hungary) late of the 18th. cent and early 19th. cent. – beew bow


Viennese bow, middle 18th. century.

Viennese bow, middle of the 18th.cent. – brazil bow, open frog and button boxwood, overall lenght 72,8 cm, weight 148 gr.

Viennese bow, end 18th. century.

Viennese bow, end of the 18th.cent. – brazil bow, modern ebony frog, button boxwood, overall lenght 72,5 cm

Viennese bow

Viennese bow, beginning 19th.cent. – brazil bow, frog and button eben, overall lenght 71,5 cm, weiht 146 gr.

Dragonetti bow

Dragenetti bow – English-style bow Dragonetti

French classical bow

French classical bow – pernambuco round bow, ebony open frog, lenght 66,3 cm, weight 121 gr.

Classical bow – German bow

Classical bow – Germany model 18.century