Modern bass bows

Master solo doublebass bow

Solo Doublebass bow – pernambuco octagonal bow, German model, ebony/ silver frog, bone button, overall lenght 71,8 cm, 136 gr

Master solo doublebass bow

Master solo Doublebass bow – pernambuco round bow, German model, snakewood/ silver frog, overal lenght 70,5 cm, 142 gr.

Orchestra doublebass bow

Orchestra Doublebass bow – pernambuco octagonal, German model, ebony / nickelsilver frog, overall lenght 71,2 cm, 146 gr.

Viennes doublebass bow

Viennese doublebass bow – pernambuco round bow, ebony/ silver frog, overall lenght 69cm, weight 141 gr.

Snakewood bow

Snakewood bow – Master snakewood bow, boxwood/ silver frog and button, overall lenght 71 cm, weight 139 gr.

Master French bow

Master French bow – pernambuco round bow with snakewood/ silver frog and button, overal lenght 69 cm, weight 142 gr.

School French bow

School French bow – pernambuco round bow, enony/ nickelsilver frog, overall lenght 69 cm, weight 139 gr.

School Germany bow

School Germany bow – brazil round bow, nickelsilver frog, lenght 71,8 cm, weight 146gr.

Solo bass bow

Solo bass bow – brazil round bow, boxwood frog and button, lenght 70,5 cm, 136 gr.