D and G violone bow

French baroque bow 18.ct

Violon bow 18.ct. – french model, pernambuco. Lenght 73,5 cm, weight 108 gr, playining lenght 60 cm.

Price 890 Euro

Violon bow

Violon bow – bassgamba bow – plain snakewood. Lenght 73cm, weight 107 gr.

German model, violon or bass baroque bow 17/18.ct

Violon bow – bassgamba bow – beech bow and plum frog. Clip frog. Lenght 77cm, weight 118 gr.


G – violon bow

G violon bow – ironwood bow, elforyn frog and button, weight 115 gr .

G – violon bow

G – violon bow – satinwood bow, snakewood frog, elforyn button. 105gr.


G – violon bow

G violon bow – oak bow, plum frog, weight 89 gr .


G – violon, french style

G – violon bow, french model – pernambuco bow, ebony frog, horn button. Lenght 75,5 cm, weight 112 gr.